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Maple Leafs Fan Cheering Guide - February 1st

Well last night didn't go according to plan, but thanks to some timely losses by other teams in the hunt, our playoff chances only dropped by 0.2% down to a respectable 70.9%. Not too shabby, though 3-point games between NYR-NJD and PHI-WPG currently didn't help. The more this teams suffers from 'magical' 3-point games, the more I want to see a 3-2-1-0 scoring system implemented. Why should one game be worth more than another? It just doesn't make sense to me.

Tonight's guide:

New York Rangers at Buffalo Sabres - Since the Rangers are a virtual lock at 99.9%, and the Sabres a virtual non-lock (need 46 points in 32 games; that's 23-9), this game has zero impact on the Leafs' playoff chances. That being said, Go Buffalo! Win this game and climb out of the draft lottery!

Washington Capitals at Florida Panthers - As normality is reestablished, the teams in the South East Division not playing in DC have regressed back to sucking, and all four may very well finish outside of the Playoff picture. Go Capitals!

Cheering guide made possible by the awesome site Sports Club Stats.