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Loss? What Loss? We Got the WC Baby!

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Leafs Still Want Reimer to Be the Guy - Mike Langlois from Vintage Leaf Memories

In any event, here we are now. Reimer is the number-one goalie. (Funny, eh? A couple of weeks ago so many people were talking as though Reimer had lost the net, and Monster had won the job. It was like, "gee, let Reims play one once in a while, or he’ll get really rusty". Just shows how quickly things change—and could change again—also based on necessity.) But what I am really saying today is simply this: Reimer is the guy, still, that the honchos want to to see take the ball and run with it. Not just that he’s younger than Gus, or under contract for an extra couple of seasons (that’s true, right?). But Reimer was the fellow that saved their bacon a year ago and gave Leaf fans a much-needed summer of hope.

Not long ago I posted here that the Leaf goaltending situation was in good hands, just not at that precise moment. And I said that because that’s what I was observing and what I believed. Both of these guys can play. Both are still finding their ceiling, whatever it may be. But both, at that particular time, were not quite setting the league on fire.

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WTF? He's still alive Shoalts you insensitive ass. Sure you didn't ask the question, but what the hell man?