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My Leafs Story: Sometimes he yells at the Leafs for being bad

These are the Leafs MF37 fell in love with. Sweet buckets, great flow.
These are the Leafs MF37 fell in love with. Sweet buckets, great flow.

A few weeks ago, Chemmy sent around an email with the subject line Narratives. Before I opened it, I presumed it would be a funny story about one more sports writer filing platitudes about heart, grit and other various intangibles.

I was wrong.

Chemmy's email was a request for a few of us to submit our favourite Leafs memory. A piece that would help us all take a step back from the ups and downs of the Leafs' season and remember how or why we became Leafs fans in the first place.

I can't remember a time when I wasn't a Leafs fan. I recall wearing Leafs gear to kindergarten, which would have been around 1975 or 76. I remember my first Leafs game against the Sabres in 1977. I was barely six years old and already I was a die hard.

Both of my kids are now older than I was that long ago day in '77 and neither one of them pays any attention to the Leafs. They are so disinterested in hockey, I couldn't even call them casual fans. The boy loves soccer, skateboarding and his bike. My daughter is all about her brownie troupe, disappearing into a book (it was Harry Potter, now it's Perseus Jackson) and learning to cook.

I thought I'd ask them to write a story about what it's like to live with a dad who's a bit Leafs obsessed. The boy said no way, but my daughter was gung-ho. After the jump, her story...