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Say, What's that Kadri Kid Up To?

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Nazem Kadri Interview - Leafsnation

Obviously enough, you're still a young player. What was your objective going into this season? Was it more of a I-need-to-be-on-the-Leafs sort of mentality or you just hoped to get as many games in the NHL as you could?

Ever since I was drafted my mentality is to play in the NHL. That's the goal. My goal is never accomplished until I've established myself as a full-time player in the NHLI mean, I just turned 21 a few months ago. Obviously, I've got to take some learning curves. And we got some extra bodies up there. I can assure I'm not going to be a disappointment. I'm going to be what everybody's expecting.

How different is AHL Nazem Kadri from the NHL Nazem Kadri?

I don't know if there really is much difference. Maybe I'm not touching the puck as much in the NHL. Up there the puck is never on my stick for more than 2 seconds. You get it and you're getting right back. While here you can hold on to it a little more, try to make some plays and step up for your team. I really don't think the things change so much. The fundamentals are still there. This is what they want to see when they're calling me back up.

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