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Maple Leafs Fan Cheering Guide - Feb. 14th

Today is Valentines Day, and if the rest of the league loves the Leafs as much as we all do, then they'll make sure the other games tonight so according to plan.

Ottawa Senators (-1.2) at Tampa Bay Lightning (+1.4)

Failing to pick up a W and pass the Senators last week, the Leafs get another chance to do so tonight with a win in the Saddledome and a Senators loss in Tampa. Let's hope Steven Stamkos goes full Rocket Richard tonight and that Craig Anderson goes full Craig Anderson.

New Jersey Devils (-0.4) at Buffalo Sabres (+0.6)

With a game in hand on the Leafs, the Devils are a real threat to the Buds' Playoff hopes. Hopefully the Sabres forget that at this point their season is over, and go about screwing up their lottery pick by playing their guts out and beating the Devils tonight. It also helps that Ryan Miller has seemingly returned to form and Martin Brodeur is a shell of his former self.

New York Islanders (+0.8) at Winnipeg Jets (-0.5)

A win by the Isles tonight and they vault they push the Montreal Canadiens down to 12th or 13th (with a Tampa win tonight as well). Now that's something we can all cheer.

And lastly Toronto Maple Leafs (+6.1) at Calgary Flames (-7.6)

The Leafs need to put the brakes on this skid and get back in the win column. Hopefully the rash of injuries to the Flames makes doing so a little easier. Go Leafs Go!