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Forget About the Unicorns Please

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After last night, the Leafs now find themselves on their worst losing streak of the season and going into the tail end of a back-to-back against a rested, and quick Oilers squad. Those four straight losses may soon become five. Things aren't so hot in Leafs Nation at the moment.

Prior to this losing streak, speculation was that Brian Burke wouldn't be very active at the trade deadline. Now though, he has no choice but to be. As Noah Love from the National Post wrote on Twitter last night:

Burke has assets. Team is in a complete funk. Have to think this is his now or never moment.

And Noah is absolutely right. This team is full of the supposedly hot commodity that is the puck moving defenseman, it's got 2nd/3rd line veteran players coming out of its ass, and it's got glaring holes in net and on the blue line for a true defensive defenseman. For all the talk of Rick Nash, Jeff Carter, and Ryan Getzlaf, none of these players are going to win a game in which the Leafs give up 4+ goals. As mf37 pointed out, we'll simply lose 5-3 instead of 5-1. So I implore you, Brian Burke, to forget about unicorns and instead focus on shutdown defensemen and league average goaltenders.

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