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Mikhail Grabovski Trade Rumors

On TSN and Twitter tonight Darren Dreger announced:

Offer for Grabovski is for a 2nd rnd pick and prospect. Could get more. Still hope to re-sign him.

I'm guessing the gap in signing Mikhail Grabovski is that Burke is looking for somewhere around $5M and Grabovski's agent wants Kessel's $5.4M deal. It's worth noting two things: first off that it would blow to lose a good player over $500k. A 2nd rounder and a prospect isn't worth anything. It's Luca Caputi and someone worse than Tyler Biggs.

The other thing is that Brian Burke leaks things to the media. It's possible that this is all part of the negotiation process and that if he's only worth a 2nd rounder that Grabovski's agent will tell him to take a smaller deal. For right now we need to hope that's the case: it's hard to see the Leafs making the playoffs this year without Grabovski and even harder to see it next season.