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Silly season has arrived

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The last 48 hours have provided a bit more player movement across the NHL as the deadline approaches. The usual names like Hal Gill and Dominic Moore are heading off to new and exciting towns while the league's fans fawn over the idea of acquiring Rick Nash NASH!!1 As always, Down Goes Brown has his spies in front offices across the league and wants you to know who's buying and who's selling:

Some are planning to stock up for a run at a championship. Others have thrown in the towel on the season and will be looking to rebuild for the future. And of course, there’s a third group: the ones who haven’t decided which of the first two groups they fit into yet. Those teams have nine days left to figure it out.

Buyer: Toronto Maple Leafs - As always Brian Burke will be looking to add size up front; ideally, a player so large that he can also play defense and goalie since that’s where the team’s actual weakness is.

Seller: Columbus Blue Jackets - Recently asked Rick Nash to provide a list of teams who would accept a trade to, before coming back hours later to clarify that they were really only looking for NHL teams from the current era so he could stop writing now.

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