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Maple Leafs Fan Cheering Guide - February 2nd

Well last night didn't go as well as hoped as it continued to draw out the battle for 3rd/9th place between Washington and Florida with the Panthers getting the 4-2 win. Hopefully tonight is a little kinder to the Buds.

Montreal Canadiens at New Jersey Devils

I can't believe it's come to this, but hold back the vitriol for one night and change your NO HABS NO chant to GO HABS GO. The Devils sit 1 point back of the Leafs with 2 games in hand and are desperately trying to make this the year they forfeit a pick for attempting cap circumvention the Playoffs. So tonight, we're hoping for a Habs win in regulation.

Winnipeg Jets at Tampa Bay Lightning

Even with the Leafs but 6 points back are the Atlanta-Winnipeg Jet-Thrashers. 4 points behind them, but with 2 games in hand are the Tampa Bay Lightning. What we're looking for here is good old parity. Let them duke it out for 3rd place in the worst conference in hockey while the Leafs make the Playoffs. Tonight, we want Lightning to strike as many times as they can against their former geographical neighbors. Tampa in regulation and it's all good.

Carolina Hurricanes at Boston Bruins

Despite one being a lock for the Playoffs and the other a lock for not the playoffs, SCS tells us that a Boston SO win will improve the Leafs playoff chances by 0.1%. Good enough for me. Go Bruins!