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2000s are Giving the 80s a Run for Their Money

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We're the fish.
We're the fish.

It's a holiday in both the States (Dios de los Presidentes) and Ontario (Dios de la familia) (those heathens in Quebec put it off until Friday), so don't expect a lot of anything today. Instead, give Mike Langlois' piece at Vintage Leaf Memories a read. If you're like me, you'll be thanking you went thru the 80s without a full functional memory system yet because you were born around 1984. Anywho, Mike writes:

The Leaf Legacy in My Lifetime: Part Four, the 80s (ouch)

As the 1970s were drawing to a close, sometimes (almost always?) bombastic and occasionally controversial Leaf owner Harold Ballard decided he needed—or just wanted— new leadership in the Maple Leaf executive offices. In my mind, Jim Gregory had been a pretty outstanding General Manager in Toronto. He had to overcome Ballard’s meddling and often toxic behavior and despite that, Gregory made many shrewd moves via trades and the draft, as I outlined in an earlier post in this series.

Of course not all of his moves worked, but what GM has a perfect track record?

It only gets worse from there. More links after the jump.

Leafs Links

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I'm not sure what this headlines means exactly, but the article is about how the Leafs tendencies to cheat offensively make them suck in their own end.

Which Jacket Fits Best

Carter or Nash? For those wondering, I'm a 42 Long and like longer sleeves than normal.

Maple Leafs' Record vs Playoff Teams

God awful. But then again shouldn't that be the expected norm for a bubble team? Shouldn't a team in 8th be generally worse head-to-head against the 7 teams ahead of them and gain more points from the 7 teams below them?

Now is the Time for the Toronto Maple Leafs to Trade

If it's going to improve the team, might I have suggested before the recent 1-5 stretch?

Lots of photogoodness at Vintage Leafs

Other Links

Devils Deal Habs Playoff Setback

Yeah because being in 13th with 2 more games played than 12th and 11th means you're right in the thick of things.