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Why Not Listen To A Podcast?

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Because of the long weekend, things were understandably slow in terms of online Leafs-related activity. As I write this (it's going on one in the morning), there are only a six links to add to the FTB, and two of them are podcasts.

The first one I'm linking to is from Marek Vs. Wyshynski Radio, though I confess to not having listened to this yet. But hey, Wyshynski is reliably funny, and Marek is a pretty sharp guy as well, so it's probably worth a shot.

The second is from Danny Gray, Cam Charron, and myself, over at The Leafs Nation. As you might imagine, ours is somewhat more Leafs-centric, and thus clearly superior.

Jump for a few links, and what I'm sure will be plenty of discussion.

History Lessons: Fans Behaving Badly
Ellen Etchingham always has awesome history tidbits. Definitely worth a read. From Backhand Shelf.

What do we really expect the Leafs to do in goal? terrible? From Michael Langlois at Vintage Leaf Memories.

Marlies Beat Monsters In Yet Another Matchup
Dallas Eakins gets his 100th win with the Marlies. Recap from Jeffler at MarliesHQ.

Capitals continue Eastern Conference freefall to delight of Leafs, Jets
Woo! Losing! From Joedy McCreary.