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Um, Yes, Goaltending.

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As you have perhaps already noticed, Brian Burke has said that the Leafs will be shopping for a goaltender at the deadline, which, I guess, means he already is. Normally, a single, wretched performance like the one Jonas Gustavsson turned in against the Devils on Tuesday night would be nothing to worry about. "It's only one game", we'd say. "Heck, the team is still in the playoffs, how could we be mad?"

While a single game should, logically, seriously alter no one's opinion of a player, I'm on board with ditching rational thought in favor of anything that helps Brian Burke see Gustavsson as expendable.

Naturally, James Mirtle has the story:

"I’m not sure that we’re not going to be in the market [for a goalie] before we’re done," Burke said. "It’s something that we have to at least explore what the price tags are. The fact is we’re losing games because we’re not stopping the puck enough. … We’ve got to get our goaltenders to stop the puck."

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen.

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Leafs Links:

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