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Trade Deadline Day - A Word of Caution

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How do I play goalie?
How do I play goalie?

It's trade deadline day and everyone is amped up to see who's getting moved, who's staying, to what team they're going, and what's coming back the other way. It's an exciting day to say the least. But let me ask you all to show a little extra patience today. Mixed in with the Bob McKenzies and Darren Dregers, there are the Bob McKenkeis and Daren Dregers. If you're on Twitter and see a tweet regarding a trade, check out who the person is that first tweeted in. If they only have 41 followers, they're not legit. Block them as spam and don't pass it along.

Furthermore, our good buddies Down Goes Brown and Greg Wyshynski will be assigned to Twitter duty for TSN and Sportsnet respectfully so give them some shout outs regarding trades and what you thought of them.

Links after the jump.

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