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What, You Wanted Another Trade?

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OK, so Brian Burke did make a trade. It's just that it wasn't the one most people were hoping for. Carter Ashton is perhaps not the 'Carter' most people were hungry to see in a Leafs uniform, but he may well make the Leafs roster at some point - something Keith Aulie was looking less and less likely to do on a permanent basis.

I think I'm in good company when I say that Brian Burke being relatively quiet at the deadline is a good thing for the Leafs. It does, of course, mean that Ron Wilson's head is going to roll if/when this team doesn't make the playoffs. Burke believes in this group, and if Wilson can't take them to at least a first-round exit, I think we all know what's going to happen.

Naturally, we turn first to James Mirtle to give us quotes from the big man himself:

"Panic can’t be part of your vocabulary if you’re a general manager," he said. "If you want to win a championship, that can’t be part of it. Setbacks for 10 days or 12 days, that can’t be how you guide the ship. You can’t change your course because you have 10 bad days out of 180 or 190 days in the season.

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