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More Than One Bitter Leafs Fan

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Pretty much.
Pretty much.

Because he's one of my favorite people in the world, I'm showcasing a two-pack of posts over at mf37's Bitter Leaf Fan Page; a name far too apt at the moment.

Sympathy for the Devil

Sportsnet’s Michael Grange filed a piece on the Leafs yesterday that drew some surprising kudos on twitter from a few folks I admire.

When I questioned the love for his piece, Grange was a very good sport and responded in kind (I cannot imagine the chirping these guys have to put up with and I honestly commend Grange for responding with good humour to the likes of me).

That said, I had a number of issues with his piece, but two in particular – it was built on a really slipshod foundation and it came to rather bizarre conclusion. Let’s take a look: (you heard the man, go take a look)

Setting the Course in September: Paying the Price in March

As a Leafs fan, I’d like to see the team address three key issues in the off-season:

  1. Bring in a capable goalie who can step-in if (more likely when) Reimer can’t get the job done
  2. Replace Ron Wilson with a coach who can fix the penalty kill and implement a system with more structure
  3. Move to acquire a few older D (who can actually play D) to eat tough minutes, settle this team down and get the development curves of the F and D more aligned.

It would be great if this team set a new course next September.

Head on over there and give his full stories a read. More after the jump.

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