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This...Is...The FTB

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Some easy linkage on a Friday morning

Kadri vs. Turris

BoO has a total inferiority complex. Let's go ahead and compare a 2009 7th overall pick to a 2007 3rd overall pick. Surely they must both be at the same stage developmentwise, and surely all credit for Turris' "success" must go to the Ottawa Senators. Please.

Nazem Kadri: 7th Overall and a Bust

Hey remember when Brayden Schenn was a can't miss prospect? How about that MPS eh? Scott Glennie won the Calder already right? Newsflash: Prospects take time to develop. Hold your horses people. See above; it took malcontent Kyle Turris 4 seasons after his draft to turn into a.........third line player on the Senators.

Drunk Zamboni Driving

Hells yeah.

Gustavsson or Reimer: Who should the Leafs ride?

Ron Wilson is a very uncreative coach when it come to picking starting goalie. He simply picks the hot hand. Right now, that's Reimer. Reimer sat down earlier for Gus to go on a hotstreak, now it's time Gus did the same.

Out in the Locker Room

A great ongoing series from Puck Buddies about one player's coming out story.

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Why the Leafs Shouldn't Trade Clarke MacArthur

Why the Leafs should trade Clarke MacArthur; because he'll be great in a package deal and I see Kadri being an easy replacement going forward if it's not a forward coming back in the deal.

Dreger: Brian Burke is Desperate to Make a Deal

And I think there are deals to be made, Burke just has to pull the trigger on one.

Two Years Later, Remembering Brendan Burke

Chris Peters and US Hockey looks back.

Your First Leafs Sweater?

Mike at VLM wants you to share your stories, so go there and do so. Mine? Bozak. Yeah that's right. Bozak.