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Maple Leafs Fan Cheering Guide - February 3rd

Hockey fandom, especially when doing so for the sole purpose of hoping your team makes the playoffs, can be very tricky business. On Wednesday, we wanted Washington to beat Florida, they did not, and thus our allegiances have changed. But remember, the one team for which you should have unwavering support is the Maple Leafs. Now on to tonight's cheering guide!

New York Islanders at the Ottawa Senators

Fortunately, this game is an easy one for us Leafs fans. Just last week the Senators were 5th in the East, then teams starting to catch up in the games played department and they're currently 6th. After this weekend, they could be 9th. This is why looking at strictly points is stupid and why teams should be ranked mid-season on points percentage. Go Islanders!

Winnipeg Jets at Florida Panthers

Thanks to the SE Division sucking more than a Dyson vacuum, the Panthers sit 3rd in the East with less points than the Leafs. Just wonderful. One of Florida/Washington has to make the Playoffs, and knocking off the Jets tonight helps solidify it as a two horse race, making the Jets deadline sellers and removing 1 more team for the Leafs to fight for a spot in the home stretch. Go Panthers!