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Doing the Right Thing

Doug and Craig run Puck Buddys, a site "for boys who like boys who like hockey" though I'm guessing you're welcome even if you don't fit that criteria (I mean honestly who'd let hockey fans comment on their blog?). They were nice enough to write this up for us. While reading this, consider donating to the Brendan Burke Scholarship over here at MLHS.

As journalists, we've had the chance to meet and interview genuine heroes - people who did the right thing even in the most difficult circumstances. It's a varied group, but one thing they all shared is their insistence that they were really no different than any of the rest of us, they just did what they had to do. Of course, that's precisely what makes them heroic. We like to think of Brendan and the Burke family just this way. Trailblazers of real courage who did the right thing, but probably see themselves as no different than the rest of us.

We say this because when we think of our heroes - and Brendan and his family are that for us - we like to be reminded that we all begin this life the same way. It's our choices the ultimately distinguish who we are. Because Brendan demanded much of himself, he calls us to be our best selves. Someone we can be like, if only we choose to do the right thing.

The anniversary of Brendan's passing took on an even more poignant significance for us today. Over the last month, we've been doing a series based on interviews with Zach, a gay high school player. On Sunday, we spoke to Zach for the first time in a few weeks and he had some news for us - he's now out to his entire team. Courage. Heroes. The world needs more of both.