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Rebuild Coming Along

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Last night, we were once again afforded the opportunity to watch two rebuilding teams in The Toronto Maple Leafs and The Edmonton Oilers. It was a fun, wide-open game, that saw that Leafs cash in on going up against some pond-hockey defense, and walk away with two points. Jolly good show.

It wasn't that long ago that we were hearing about how much better positioned the Oilers were to succeed than the Leafs, because, hey, they were building their team via the only possibly route for success - the draft.

Fast forward a couple years, and things don't look quite so rosy in Edmonton. James Mirtle at the Globe and Mail with his take:

The problem in Edmonton, however, may come in the fact that they're not ready to take enough steps forward while those four youngsters are still underpaid. Gagner needs a new contact this summer, Eberle and Hall will come due in 2013, and Nugent-Hopkins is the year after that.

Oh yeah, and the Leafs? Well, they may not be a lock to make the playoffs this year, but Sports Club Stats has 'em sitting at a 90% chance of making the post-season. Awww yeah.

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