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Do The Leafs 'Give Up' on Grabbo?

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Great job pineapple man.
Great job pineapple man.

What is Mikhail Grabovski Worth? - James Mirtle at the Globe and Mail

After a slow start this year, the 28-year-old Belarussian has again been the best Leaf on the ice over the last 15 games, with 12 points in his last six and 20 during Toronto’s 10-4-1 run since the start of 2012.

His scoring pace is now better than it was a year ago – 31 goals, 68 points over 82 games – despite the fact he’s spent most of the season with a bit of an anchor on his line in Nikolai Kulemin.

While Grabovski doesn’t play with Phil Kessel and Joffrey Lupul, there’s not really any argument that he isn’t Toronto’s best centre right now – and that’s a position where this team needs to add rather than subtract.

And he’s definitely not underappreciated by his teammates, who look at him as one of the team’s on-ice leaders.

Mirtle speculates it'll cost between $4.5 and $5.5M to re-sign Grabbo. But where does the money come from you say? If I'm Burke I'm looking to move Connolly for whatever I can get at the deadline; same goes for Komisarek and Armstrong. None of those three have had any meaningful impact on the Leafs good turn of fortunes in 2012, and all are grossly overpaid. No way should this team lose a player like Grabovski in order retain a player like Komisarek or Armstrong.

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