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Maple Leafs Fan Cheering Guide - Feb. 9th

Before Tuesday the Leafs' chance for a Playoff berth was around 90%, it could get back there after tonight with a win against Philly and some help from around the league.

Winnipeg Jets (0.0) at Washington Capitals (+0.2)

Atlanta is but 6 points back of the Leafs and somebody has to win the South Least and finish "3rd" in the conference. It might as well be the team already there, though should the Leafs finish 6th Florida would make a better opponent. Take your pick here because it doesn't hurt Toronto either way.

Tampa Bay Lightning (-0.3) at New York Rangers (+0.1)

I'm not sure how a team 11 points back with less than 30 games to play would hurt the Leafs by winning, but there you have it. With Boston's struggles, ain't nobody catching the Rangers so let them win all the games they want.

Montreal Canadiens (-0.1) at New York Islanders (+0.2)

Finally we don't have to cheer for good things to happen to the Habs.

Nashville Predators (+1.0) at Ottawa Senators (-0.8)
Los Angeles Kings (+0.7) at Florida Panthers (-0.6)
St. Louis Blues (+0.3) at New Jersey Devils (-0.2)

Go Western Conference Go!

Toronto Maple Leafs (+4.1, +4.1, +3.8) at Philadelphia Flyers (-3.8, +0.3, +0.4)

So long as they don't lose in regulation, it's a good night for the Buds. That's being said, GO LEAFS GO! Kick some Flyers ass!