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Friday Morning Linkage

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Ice skating. You're doing it wrong.
Ice skating. You're doing it wrong.

I just got some links for you this morning.

Is Carlyle the Next Coach of the Maple Leafs?

Mirtle and Duhatschek discuss the Leafs in the G&M podcast.

Now's the Time for a Rebuild on the Fly

What BCP proposes with either involve stashing $10M+ on the Marlies, or somehow trading junk.

Who Can the Leafs Beat?


Leafs vs Blackhawks Game Notes / Stats Recap

Just that at Leafs Stats.

A Leafs Fan's Five Stages of Grief

Surprisingly it's not just anger, anger, anger, anger, and anger.

Well Thank God That's Over

The Silver Fox is happy to see February pass us by.

What Will Phil Kessel be in the Playoffs?

I feel this may be a Tootsie Roll Pop lick related question. The world may never know.