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We're Doing It

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We're doing it! We're in the draft lottery. All hail Tank Nation!

Links after the jump.

Leafs Links

Lupul Named Leafs' Nominee for Bill Masterton Trophy

Fittingly, he's out injured again.

The Leafs Could Use a Tim Tebow-like Player Going Forward

Well they past on Rocco Grimaldi in the 2011 draft so....

Other Links

John Buccigross Would Like to Keep You Up to Date on Hockey Lingo

Uh, ok.

Captain Planet Hockey Jersey

By your powerplays combined....

Looking Back: Slapshot 35 Years Later

If you haven't seen Slapshot, out yourself now so we may chastise you.

The Return of Alex Radulov

This and more at the G&M's Sports Roundtable.