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The Ugly, The Ugly, And The Ugly

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James Mirtle has the laundry list ready for you. But, to be honest, it's not all bad - it just feels that way - it's the usual good, bad, and ugly.

The last quarter of the season (give or take, but mostly take) has been awful, the penalty kill is still atrocious, and it's true that the goaltending shows few signs of improving, barring a rather surprising turn in the careers of one of James Reimer, Jonas Gustavsson, Ben Scrivens, or Jussi Rynnas.

The good news? We've been fretting lately that Burke & Co. would forsake a more patient approach for the short-term gain of playoff revenue, but Dave Nonis has been quoted emphatically stating otherwise:

"Trading a lot of good young assets for older players is something we have very little interest in doing," vice-president Dave Nonis told TSN Radio on Wednesday. "We want to try and build this for the long-term success of the team."

So at least there's that.

If you're looking for a piece with a more positive outlook, check out the new piece from Vintage Leaf Memories linked below. That, and plenty more, after the jump.

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Tie Domi lashes out at "core" players
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Canucks launch 'This Is Our Home' campaign
Offered without comment. Link via J.P. Quayle at Puck Drunk Love.

Quebec City all a-lather as NHL rumours fly
QC is having a hard time concealing its NHL boner. From Sean Gordon. (As a side note, I'd LOVE a team in QC. I'd rather loathe another Canadian team than be completely indifferent to one somewhere else.)

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DGB's version of the "Because It's The Cup"
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