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Old Time Hockey; Eddie Shore


Yesterday the Penguins and Flyers most certainly did not piss on Eddie Shore. That game was straight out of the 1970s and I loved every minute. Here be your links.

Leafs Links

Rumbling of Leafs Defections

Brian Burke Damien Cox with news that Francois Allaire may be out the door.

Leafs Nation Podcast: Lotto Pick Edition

Give it a listen.

Schenn and Gustavsson: Looking at a Future Elsewhere?

Yeah, probably.

2011-12 Season in Review: Bottom 6 Forwards

Crappy players. All of them.

TML 2011-12 Season in Review.

Crappy. All of it.

Other Links

Play it Safe Sedin

LD introduces the newest hockey meme.

Game of Thrones Hockey Jersey Poll

Dave's Geeky Hockey wants to know which house you serve.