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Well That Ain't Working

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Raffi Torres is an idiot.
Raffi Torres is an idiot.

In last night's Blackhawks v. Coyotes Raffi Torres did what Raffi Torreses does and delivered a late, leaping headshot to the chin of Marian Hossa breaking Big Hoss' jaw. Twice this season Torres has been on the receiving end of the Shannahammer giving him the lable 'repeat offender'; a fine for elbowing Jan Hejda and a 3 game press box visit for a charge on Nate Prosses. Oh and he was suspended for 4 games last year; 2 regular, 2 playoff, for his elbow to the head of Jordan Eberle. Raffi Torres is living proof that the NHL's current method for curbing in-game stupidity is, in itself, stupid. Three times now Torres has received punishment for his on-ice actions, and three times now he's followed that up with another discipline worthy action.

Everyone likes to point to Matt Cooke's new found hockey chastity as an example of "the system" working. I ask you, what going to get a player back into line more; fines and suspensions, or having your wife tear you a new asshole for writing a six-figure check with your stupid play? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Do I have a solution for curbing reckless play? Not really. Fines and suspension don't work. Having goons on your team doesn't work. Has anyone thought to just sit these players done and ask them nicely to quit be such idiots?

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