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Affiliate of Maple Leafs Hockey Organization Wins Playoff Game

Marlies ya'll
Marlies ya'll

Marlies Take 1-0 Series Lead - Jeffler at MarliesHQ

Just when you thought that ten games was enough times to see two hockey teams face each other, the Toronto Marlies and Rochester Americans have set themselves up for another few attempts at it all. The crazy part though? This time, it means something. Something more. You see, the first ten were just bragging rights. These three to five games? They’ll decide who’s season continues and who’s fades into obscurity.

Tonight, the Marlies had an opportunity to make a huge first statement, one that would also clear away the sour endings of the regular season. The crowd was pumped, eager to see playoff hockey in Toronto for the first time in recent memory. The players knew what they had to do, and opened the series with a 4-3 victory.

Head on over there for the full game recap. More links after the jump.

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