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Drive-by FTB, 25 For Torres, and Marlies Game @ 3:00 p.m.

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Hello all, I have just a few quick hits for you all to mull over this afternoon as you settle in to watch the Marlies play the second game of their series against the Rochester Americans.

In their last game, Joe Colborne had two assists (one, a beautiful pass to Matt Frattin for a goal), so let's hope some of the Leafs'/Marlies' young guns can keep things rolling.

In other news, yes, Raffi Torres has been suspended by the NHL for 25 games. To quote Jonathan Willis quoting Derek Zona of The Copper & Blue:

25 games for Torres. Wow. If this is the NHL taking discipline serious great, if this is the NHL using him as a scapegoat not so great.

This counts as your game thread. Jump for more.

Marlies Vs. Americans Series Preview
From Andrey Osadchenko at The Leafs Nation.

Results from yesterday's VLM commentators "poll"
From Vintage Leaf Memories.

A Different Crowd
Jeffler notes a few differences in the atmosphere between Thursday's Marlies playoff opener and other regular season games.

Raffi Torres suspended 25 games for putting Marian Hossa on stretcher
From Wyshynski at Puck Daddy.

Nashville Predators 2 – Detroit Red Wings 1
Recap from Chris Lund at BHS.

A brief history of playoff violence
Down Goes Brown's latest offering.

Flyers fail to clinch
From Rich Hoffman at Sports.