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Mmm... Competent Goaltending.

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So last night the Boston Bruins were eliminated by the Washington Capitals, and speculation began anew that Tim Thomas could be had in a trade this off-season. Further fanning the trade flames was the news that Roberto Luongo will provide, in very short order, a list of five teams to which he would accept a trade, and Darren Dreger says the Leafs will be on it.

The main risk in acquiring either goaltender? Age. In the case of Thomas, he only has one more year remaining on his contract, and so, perhaps presents a lower-risk, lower-reward situation. Luongo, of course, has that gigantisaurus of a contract, and could provide a longer-term solution or a longer-term hindrance.

I took a look at what age may well mean for these two goalies over at The Leafs Nation, so go check that out. Jump for more.

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