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A Good Night For Tanking

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In case you missed it, Peter Budaj put in a spectacular effort last night to help his team in the #greatesttankbattle, but was eventually foiled by his teammates, who pumped five goals in on the Tampa Bay Lightning. Here's hoping that the Habs can surpass the Leafs in the standings.

For those of you who, draft pick or no, can't stop vomiting at the idea of cheering for Montreal, I'd encourage you to start cheering for the Toronto Marlies. I think Danny Gray is on to something here when he says that we might as well focus our attention on whatever playoff hockey we can get in Toronto:

This is your chance to watch guys like Jake Gardiner, Carter Ashton, Nazem Kadri, Ben Scrivens and Joe Colborne play some exciting and meaningful hockey. Add in players like Jerry D’Amigo, Jesse Blacker, and Marcel Meuller and you have a team full of potential Leafs playing playoff hockey. Plus you’ll get to see Mike Zigomanis do whatever it is he does that gets Don Cherry so hot and bothered. (be from Ontario?) You’ll also be able to see Spencer Abbott and Josh Leivo play their first games with the franchise maybe they’ll be Leafs one day and you can say you’ve like them since they were Marlies.

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