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The 95th NHL season for the Toronto Maple Leafs has come to a close. They will miss the playoffs for the seventh straight year, which becomes the longest current drought in the league. It will be five months until we see the blue & white step on the ice again, hopefully with some major roster changes in key positions. Over the next week or so we'll all hear a ton about what went wrong and who deserves blame (actually, we've already seen a lot of this), but there are some good things to take away as well. The Leafs will draft first, fifth, or sixth overall in June, which gives them a solid shot at selecting Sarnia Sting center Alex Galchenyuk. Phil Kessel scored 82 points in 82 games, which makes him one of only eighteen forwards to score at a PPG pace (before age 25) since the lockout. And we've seen the last of Jonas Gustavsson in a Toronto uniform. All solid results of what turned out to be a pretty disappointing season.

Playoffs begin Wednesday. Go Blues. Links after the jump...

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