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Monday Morning Linkage

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Here be your links. Maple Leafs 2011-12 Season by the numbers coming later. Here be your links.

Leafs Links

Let's Talk Honesty About Direction

Mike from VLM brings up Part 1 of 2.

My Brief Time as a Toronto Maple Leafs Goalie

Loser Domi recalls he one change between the pipes.

It's a Bonanza!

BCP is looking forward to the draft lottery.

The Toronto Maple Leafs of Oz

We're not in Kansas anymore or something.

Jake Gardiner: 2011-12 Rookie Season

Breaking down Silver's inaugural season.

Other Links

End of the Year Fantasy Hockey Awards

Dirty Dangle hands out rewards for the best and worst fantasy hockey pickups.

How the NHL's Draft Lottery Works

The draft is only good for the pick the Leafs have minus 1.