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Open Letter To Leafs Fans


Another depressing NHL season is in the books and as is rote with struggling franchises MLSE has provided a letter to assuage the frustrations of their fans. If we can take heart in anything, it's that open letters occasionally work. Leafs blogs posted this open letter to Leafs fans calling on them to stop reading Howard Berger's garbage. Lo and behold, three years later, it worked! Sure, it probably had more to do with corporate re-structuring but the good news is that MLSE is in the midst of that right now too so in three years we're going to be golden.

The full text of the letter is available after the jump along with some much needed edits.

Full Version

Open Letter To Leafs Fans

Dear Leafs Fans:

On behalf of the ownership of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, we want to thank you for your unwavering passion and loyalty. Like every fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs, (comma splice) we are disappointed with the results of this season.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are a public trust (as long as you pay) with the greatest fans in the world (fact). We have fallen short of everyone's expectations, (comma splice) and for that we are sorry. We take full responsibility for how this team performs on the ice, (comma splice) and we make no excuses. The way this year ended was unacceptable. Results are the only measure of success in sports and the results speak for themselves.

Ownership believes in the plan for the Maple Leafs. All of the resources at our disposal will be used to make sure that the entire organization is focused on making the Leafs a successful playoff team (unfortunately, most of these will take a long time to pay off). We are 100% committed to ensuring we ice a team that competes with the NHL's best (because that makes us the most money). Passion, hard work (no comma here?!?) and accountability (that's why JFJ only got five years) will always be the hallmarks of our organization.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are privileged to have such passionate and loyal fans. We do not take that for granted. (Talk about teeing this up for the mittenstringers) Our entire organization wants nothing more than to deliver a team that makes you proud. (We promise to ignore the ones that say only Ontario-born players can accomplish this)

Yours sincerely,

Lawrence M. Tanenbaum, O.C. (what the fuck does this mean?)

Chairman of the Board

Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment