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David Menzies is Human Garbage

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This is an absolutely unreal article published by the Huffington Post; "You Can't Hide Behind the Gay Flag Brian Burke"

Question: When do you know that a public figure really needs a P.R. boost?

Answer: When that person wraps himself in the rainbow flag.

That's a great point Mr. Menzies. Please tell us more.

The debut of the spot comes on the heels of a very brutal few weeks for Burke, after he failed to make a significant deal at the trading deadline and then met his Waterloo in trying to get Don Cherry fired from Coach's Corner.

Here's a fact for Mr. Menzies: Brian Burke came out in support of his homosexual son publicly in 2009. Brian Burke's job was nowhere close to being in jeopardy in 2009, in fact that was almost three months before the Dion Phaneuf trade. Was it a P.R. boost then?

My opinion of Brian Burke as a general manager is falling by the day, but regardless of the on ice performance and future of the Toronto Maple Leafs it's obvious that Brian Burke is a stand up guy who supported his son because he loved his son. There's no doubt that Brian Burke supported his other son Patrick's "You Can Play" project for any reason other than advancing a cause he cares about.

But good job David Menzies; call out a guy for loving his deceased son. Trivialize that no other GM in sports came out to publicly support homosexuals or march in the Toronto pride parade by saying Brian Burke did it to hide his failures. Facts aren't relevant or important at all apparently.

Was this really your plan David Menzies? Was it your idea to accuse a man who lost his son of supporting him only for a potential PR boost?