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Are Sports Figures Heroes?

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You are freaking
You are freaking

Money, expectations and our macho culture can’t help but lead to issues for many athletes: a delicate balance that doesn’t always work out - Mike Langlois at Vintage Leaf Memories

When Ron MacLean spoke the other night on Hockey Night in Canada and tried to, albeit somewhat awkwardly, compare the efforts of hard-working hockey players at playoff time with those of the courageous responders during 9-11, it brought a predictably negative response.

The long-time host was trying to say something very positive about the players while also paying homage to the real heroes of that tragic day more than a decade ago. Upon reflection, he may have chosen his words a bit differently, but his heart was no doubt in the right place.

That said, I think a lot of us have struggled for a long time with how we think about sports and sports figures, and this notion of athletes as not only "heroes" but "warriors". It’s a difficult thing. People often want, perhaps even need what we perceive as heroes- maybe as a kind of psychological pick-me-up. It might be that we are struggling with something in our own lives. Perhaps the human heart just needs to hear, see and touch nice, uplifting stories every once in a while. And that’s OK.

Really a great read. Head over there and read it all. More links after the jump.

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