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Marlies With a KO in OKC

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I just gave the Barons my 'OKC Face'.
I just gave the Barons my 'OKC Face'.

Marlie Open Conference Finals With Win - Jeffler at Marlies HQ

While saying that the Marlies had a good shot at this series was far from a ridiculous prediction, nobody could say that they expected tonight’s start. If they did, they were probably criticized for doing so, and deserve much apology. Against the odds and concepts of common sense, the boys in blue and white entered the Cox Convention Center and not only won, but did so in a commanding fashion, with a 5-0 shutout.

Head on over for the full recap. Links after the jump.

Game In Six

Leafs Links

Scrivens Gets Shutout as Marlies Blank Barons

OK City? More like SO City amiright? /highfive

Colby Armstrong Data Dump

For all that talk about win-loss record, the team gets dominated possession wise with Colby.

The Grudge-Holder's Guide to the Rest of the Playoff

Got hate? Here's how you cheer.

Marlies Success Guarantees Little When it Comes to the Leafs.

But, as Mike says, it should help a bit.

Other Links

Hockey Video Games That Need to Happen

Yes, yes, and yes. Dave is a genius.

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Dirty Dangle helps you take off those playoffs blinders.

NHL Young Stars Tournament Cancelled

Oh right, the whole "no CBA thing". Crap.

Tom Renney's Time in Edmonton has Come to an End

Yeah, that'll happen.