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Stupid Is as Stupid Posts

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Dude wut?
Dude wut?

Some say that we here at Pension Plan Puppets Heavy Industries and Pug Manufacturing LLC have a reputation of being rather harsh, and justifiably so. We don't take kindly to bigots, homophobes, and Habs fans and we let them know it. However, the one groups we despise more than any other is those who insist on posting inane trade proposals. Now that's not to say that good trade proposals can't be debated, they should, but when you get up into "Malkin to the Kings" territory well, we going to call you an idiot.

Ladies and gentlemen it is my pleasure to introduce to you HFBoards user Arik Kristal, creator of perhaps the stupidest and most convoluted series of trades I have ever seen. Behold the idiotic:

let me start off by stating I am not saying any of these trades would happen but rather what I would try and accomplish if I had the chance.

To Anaheim - Grabovski & Blacker
To Toronto - 1st in 2012 (6th overall) & Rights to Justin Schultz

To Edmonton - Gunnarsson, ANA 1st in 2012 (6th overall) & 2nd in 2012 (35th overall)
To Toronto - 1st in 2012 (1st overall)

To New York I - EDM 1st in 2012 (1st overall via TOR)
To Toronto - 1st in 2012 (4th overall) & Nelson

- Brock Nelson is a physical center who is projected to be a good 3rd line center with potential to be a 2B type center. Toronto desperately needs a good hitting with scoring upside centerman to play third line minutes.

That's right, when you boil it all down it's Grabovski + Blacker + Gunnarsson + our 2012 2nd rounder for the 2011 4th overall pick and some plug named Brock Nelson.

You would read this and think, "Ho boy, this kid's off his rocker!" and you're right, and you're also wrong. For you see, this is merely a smidgen of the overall grand scheme that Mr. Arik Kristal has devised. The whole, long idiotic trade rant can be found here. May God have mercy on your Hockey IQ.

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