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Luongo or Luongstop?

He can stop pucks!
He can stop pucks!

After Steve Yzerman's Luongo-centric comments on a Tampa radio station, you just knew Mr. Roberto would be back in the Leafs cooler talk. Here's Mike from VLM on why he doesn't want Luongo:

My reasons are not based on advanced stats or any of the other neat stuff that likely "proves" the long-time netminder is actually one of the best in the business. I know Luongo is one of the more talented goaltenders in hockey. I’m aware he was the guy between the pipes when Canada won the Olympics in 2010.

I just don’t believe he is the right—or best—fit for the Maple Leafs right now.

Even if we set aside his gargantuan salary, which still has, what, ten years to go on it and at a really big number—I view him as damaged goods.

Why you ask? Head on over to get the whole story.


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