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Your Obvious Reminder: Playoff Hockey Rules.

"Fine, I'm tired." Credit: Geoff Burke-US PRESSWIRE
"Fine, I'm tired." Credit: Geoff Burke-US PRESSWIRE

Every year, for some reason, I look forwards to the absurdly long hockey game of the playoffs. Not just the 95 minute game between Rinne and Luongo from 2011, but the 107 minute game between Leclaire and Fleury of 2010, the 101 minute game between Osgood and Hiller of 2009, and 129 between Turco and Nabokov. There's something past the 100 minute mark that turns hockey even better. Last night, we got it. The Caps-Rangers game went 114 minutes, as the two teams fell just short of playing two straight games. There is no refuge in a tie, there is no coin-flip to determine the winner. There are only worn out hockey players, digging deep to find rare bursts of speed and occasionally remembering to cover their man. Playoff hockey, baby.

Can we expect Radulov, Kostitsyn to continue sitting?
Nashville won 2-0 over Phoenix and Kukla's Korner found a good quote from Trotz that may leave Radulov and Kostitsyn sitting again tonight.

After 114:41 of hockey, Marian Gaborik gives Rangers Game 3 win with triple OT goal

You can see the Rangers-Caps game winner here courtesy of Puck Daddy.

How playing without your best player(s) affects a team
Bourne, on what it's like to lose a Kovalchuk or a Radulov.

Dion Phanef highlight video?

Dion Phaneuf highlight video.

How far are Leaf fans away from this picture?
Vintage Leaf Memories with another good post about how the playoffs and the league have changed since '67.

Who's Better To Build Around: Pacioretty vs Kessel
Steve Burtch managed to goad someone into doing analysis.