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Happy Hump Day Ya'll

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Hello. I'm Dustin Penner's beard.
Hello. I'm Dustin Penner's beard.

I bring you links on this, the most sexually suggestive day of the week.

Leafs Links

Frattin Out Rest of Postseason with Knee Injury

Well that sucks.

Matt Frattin Out for the Season, and More Injury Updated

Jeffler with the dl on the Marlies DL.

Why are the Leafs Called the Leafs?

How exactly does the posi-trac rear end on a Plymouth work?

Maple Leafs Sign Forward Leo Komarov

Temper your expectations now.

That being said....

Reasons Why Leafs Fans Should Love Leo Komarov

Sleza tells us why we shall enjoy our new bearded warrior.

Phil Kessel's Awkward Draft Combine Adventure

Poor little fella. With a combine that bad he'll never be a good player.

Would We Care as Much if the Marlies Were Located Elsewhere?


Other Links

NHL GMs are Going to Consider a New Rule - And It's Terrible


Kings vs Devils: The 2012 Stanley Cup Preview

Birthday boy DGB looks at the Finals match up.