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Western Conference Final Decided as East Plays On

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The Phoenix Coyotes shutout the Nashville Predators 2-0 last night to clinch a spot in the Western Conference Finals against the LA Kings. While they were winning, Gary Bettman announced that former San Jose Sharks CEO Greg Jamison has been approved as a prospective owner for the club. The NHL and the city of Glendale will still have to work out a "management fee", but at it looks like the Goldwater Institute will need to find a new sticking point if they're going to try and block the sale. Travis Hair has a good writeup of the issue here.

Meanwhile in New York, the Caps lose a heart breaker 3-2 in overtime as Joel Ward took a double minor for high sticking with 22 seconds left to play. I'm extremely confused, as I thought NHL referees were under strict guidelines to be "blocked out of the play" when something like that happens. Rangers take a 3-2 series lead, as the Caps play Wednesday to stave off elimination.

The Flyers take on the Devils tonight at 7:30. Your links after the jump.


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Mike Gillis Staying In Vancouver

Gillis gets an extension over in Vancouver. Vigneault will probably be next.

Rangers - Avs to play Oct 6 game in Kansas City

As the NHL keeps poking the empty arena to see if it's alive.