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Oh, Marlies!

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Good morning, everyone. Hope your weekend was full of hockey and soccer watching.

Our dear mf37 and I both happened to be at the Marlies' last game, and had some thoughts to share with all of you via The Leafs' Nation podcast, so go check that out. Naturally, we chat about the NHL playoffs as well, but hey, we're Leafs fans.

Jump for a few more links, and throw yours in the comments if I've missed it.

After watching the NHL (and AHL) playoffs, are the Leafs "this much away"…or are they "that much away"….?
That much away. From Michael Langlois.

What We Learned: Stanley Cup ratings are bad, but why should we care?
Can't say I do. From Ryan Lambert at PD.

Hockey coach banned after team skips ceremony to study
Say whaaaat? From CBC Sports.

Advice to L.A. Kings: Hide the porn actresses and limos at Stanley Cup
From Eric Duhatschek at the Globe.