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Los Angeles Kings Win 2012 Stanley Cup


The Los Angeles Kings are the 2012 Stanley Cup Champions and that means that our "happy" club has lost another member. We will get to read a lot about how Brian Burke is a dummy for saying he didn't want to sneak into the eighth seed and get dummied (by idiots and I'll get into that later) and how the Leafs still have the longest Cup drought in the league. Oh well. It'll happen some day for us. At the very least we can hold on to that until the league folds (note: that could be this summer).

Down Goes Brown had a great post on Grantland about how suffering is such a vital part of being a fan. The Kings fans have had their share of pain (almost as long as us) including Marty McSorley costing them a 2-0 road lead in 1993 and having Bruce McNall almost kill the team through fraud a few years later. To keep us sane I guess we'll just assume that we're stocking up credits for one hell of a celebration.

Congrats to Connie Kim, Rudy Kelly, and The Royal Half. Enjoy it you jerks.