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Nothing to Do Until the Draft

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Enjoy Edmonton buddy.
Enjoy Edmonton buddy. What?

Dear Brian, Please Focus on the Task at Hand - Mike Langlois at Vintage Leaf Memories

Monday night, the Toronto Star penned a short piece outlining Burke’s apparent displeasure at a CBC/Hockey Night in Canada post from Elliotte Friedman. As we all know, Friedman has worked "in the business" for many years and has earned a well-deserved reputation as a fair-thinking and respected guy in the sports media field.

The part of the Star report that struck me as peculiar, however, was not the denial (what GM says, "yeah, we’re shopping so and so…") but Burke’s apparent comment that "some editorial control at Hockey Night would be nice for a change…".
Is Burke suggesting that reporters not have freedom of speech? What does "editorial control" mean? That sports writers should only report things that are in his team's interest and with the "spin" that hewants them to put on stories?

Head on over for more from Mike. Links after the jump.

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