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The Best and Worst of Brian Burke: Trades #3

Why oh why were you ever given an extension?
Why oh why were you ever given an extension?

With news in Friedman's 30 Thoughts that Burke couldn't come to an agreement on a trade that would see Rick Nash don the blue and white for all the tea in China, we are spared from making an addendum to our list of worst Brian Burke trades. Seriously, I shudder at the thought of how much would be given up for so little. Bullet most definitely dodged.

On to the the third best and worst trades of Brian Burke's tenure.

Third Worst

December 9th, 2011

To Toronto: rights to Philippe Paradis

To Carolina: Jiri Tlusty

On the one hand, this is a pretty minor trade, the sort that would be no more than a footnote for most GMs. On the other hand, Burke got skinned. In 2011-12, Paradis scored .27 points per game in the AHL while Tlusty scored .45 points per game in the NHL. When Jim Rutherford takes you to the cleaners...

Will Tlusty every live up to the expectations of a 13th overall draft pick? No, but he will be playing in the NHL in some capacity for years to come while Paradis (a player who was never PPG in the QMJHL at the time of the trade while Tlusty was a PPG in the freaking AHL WHAT WERE YOU THINKING BURKE?) will more than likely never step foot on NHL ice. The trade was awful when it was made and just keeps getting worse as time goes by.

Take the jump for the third best.

Third Best

June 24th, 2011

To Toronto: John-Michael Liles

To Colorado: 2012 2nd round pick.

A serviceable, puck moving d-man that can play in the 3-4 slot and quarterback a PP for a 2nd seems like a fair deal. (I will not mention the concussion & contract renewal; I will not mention the concussion/ & contract renewal; I will not mention the concussion/ & contract renewal)

After Tomas Kaberle was traded at the previous deadline, the Maple Leafs needed someone to fill in his spot. JML was that player on a fine contract. However, his subsequent concussion, contract extension, and emergence of Jake Gardiner has sullied this trade for those who don't realize that at the time this was a fantastic deal.

What do you think about these trades?