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Six More Days Until the Worst Day of the Summer

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Morgan Rielly, old and busted. JVR, new hotness.
Morgan Rielly, old and busted. JVR, new hotness.

July 1st is our draft.

This fanbase doesn't have the patience for a 5 year rebuild.

Pittsburgh-model my ass.

These are quotes from Leafs GM Brian Burke when asked about his own model for building the Leafs in his own way. A way that has so far relied heavily on the free agent market to restock the bare cupboards left by his predecessor (and himself as well). This Sunday marks the 4th free agency period of Burke's tenure with the Leafs, and so far it hasn't been pretty. There have been a few successes: Beauchemin, MacArthur, Bozak. And more than a few disasters: Komisarek, Lebda, Armstrong, Orr.

This year is probably the weakest free agency crop since the lockout. After the big three in Semin, Parise, and Suter (who I see the Leafs having a 0% chance of landing) there are such luminaries as Dustin Penner (Who should be kept away now that JVR is a Leaf. Thank God.), Brad Boyes, Jason Blake, Filip Kuba, and Jeff Finger. Woof. If Burke can't land Parise or Suter (he can't), or if he can't make a deal for Luongo, then I want that man standing waist deep in a stream somewhere far, far away from cell phone reception, fly rod in hand. This is a free agency season where we should all be happy to hear that Burke has gone fishing.

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