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All is Right with the Universe

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Damn straight
Damn straight

Mats got inducted. All is right with the Universe.

Leafs Links

Where Does this Hall of Fame Class Stack Up?

Probably second behind the 2009 class.

Scoring Chances, Corsi, and why Grabovski is Great


Mats Sundin Elected into the HHOF

Jeffler's talking Hall.

End of a Montrous Era

Jeffler feels the need to talk about Gustavsson for some reason.

Let's Give Grandpa Cliff some Credit

Don't wanna.

Other Links

Shot Quality Revisited

Guess what? It's still not a significant factor.

Other NHL Brother Acts

Nobody likes Brent Gretzky

Where Do Bottom Six Forwards Come From?

mc79 with an amazing in depth investigation.

What Does Luke Schenn Bring to the Flyers?

A big ass and a pretty face.

On the Paul Henderson Debate

Mike at VLM wonders if they shouldn't be a "Hall" for unique accomplishments.