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Getting Down on Friday

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Is like magic.
Is like magic.


If the Leafs Want Schultz, They May Have to Turn on Hogan's Heroes

I KNOW NOTHING about where Schultz might go.

MLHS posted a two Leafs interviews yesterday.

Reimer and Burke

Booze Sales OK for Winter Classic at Michigan Stadium

And there was much rejoicing.

The 10 Best Moment's from this Year's HHOF Class

Backhand Shelf with a rad video.

More Links

Best of the 70's #14 - 1977-78 OPC WHA

1967ers begins to count down his favorite card sets. This is the one with the infamous Anders Hedberg card.

On that note,

Rookie Cards of the 2012 HHOF Class

Asking the Right Questions - Beware Small Samples


Is Schultz Worth the Hype?

Probably not, no.

Oh and everybody got a contract extension yesterday.