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Colby Armstrong Bought Out

A lazy stick penalty? No way.
A lazy stick penalty? No way.

Colby Armstrong has been bought out by the Toronto Maple Leafs per his own shitty twitter feed. Getting to blog a story like this is great because I don't need to list the positive things he contributed to the Leafs which saves me some typing.

Colby Armstrong was a bad signing the day he inked his contract, he was a bad player who was always injured and even though I'm not a fan of a buyout it at least means Brian Burke is aware some of "his guys" were completely awful and that it's time to right the ship.

Does this mean more moves are coming? Does this bode well for Schultz or Luongo or a big UFA? Who knows. We save $2M on the cap this year and lose $1M next year but at 12 noon today when he goes on unconditional waivers the Leafs will have less dead weight than they did yesterday.