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After something of a slow week, news has rained down on us in buckets for the last twenty-four hours.

First, Tomas Vokoun's negotiation rights were traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins for a 7th round pick. The Pens then signed the 35-year old netminder to a two-year, four-million dollar deal. (Here is James Mirtle's take on the events.) Apparently, Pittsburgh had given permission to a number of teams to negotiate, and Leafs were in the mix, but they refused to offer a second year on a contract. Brian Burke had better pull league average goaltending out of his butt for next year, or he's toast.

Then, the Leafs announced the signing of Marlies' head coach Dallas Eakins to a three-year extension. He'll be locked in for another year, but will be allowed to pursue NHL employment in the last two years of the deal. Check out Kyle The Reporter's coverage of that story.

Ah yes, then came the real hockey. The Los Angeles Kings soundly defeated the New Jersey Devils 4-0 last night, and look poised to sweep the series. If you're looking for thorough coverage of that game, head over to the (understandably despondent) In Lou We Trust.

Last, but not least, Michel Therrien looks to be the new coach of the Montreal Canadiens. Looks like they'll have their francophone coach after all.

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